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Tarvuism has a very particular - some say, complicated - hierarchy. This is perhaps natural for a world religion. Here are some of the main figures and official groupings in Tarvuism.


High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian
Givil Meni-hentu - (Head of the Givil)

The Sril Martlin Brothers
Givil mahetma-henny-hen-hutty-hoonah - (Vice Heads of the Givil)

Lorraine Henderson
Secretarimunty to High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian

Jeff Hunt
Personal Chauffeur to High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian (Hunt is also known as 'Section 101')

Dr. Lahni T.T. Tahnus
Gibbil ty-dFuntl (International Director of Tarvuism)

(Position Unknown, possibly Head of Givil Intelligence)

Lao Menou
Chabbernackle Hen-henty (International Head of Chabernackles)

Phyll 'MdMaster' Lawrence
Head of Finance

Limbic Organiser

Simone de Larosse
Tarvuist Head of Regions

Gill Jidvunny
Head of Priestmunty Gibbilinis

Samwyn Merris
Vice head of Priestmunty Gibbilinis

Henny Tarvint
Trice head of Priestmunty Gibbilinis

Barbara Mendel
Head of Marketing


The Chabbernackle Ordermasters
Consisting of 40 Givil members who have power over Chabernackles worldwide

Articulum of Faith
Central body consisting of former Givil members who debate issues of Tarvuist faith, which is then relayed back to High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian and the Sril Martlin Brothers, twice yearly.

The Sistema of the Tarvunty
The Sistema comprise 300 women who debate a female perspective on chapters from the Tarvunty. This information is relayed to the Articulum of Faith, who in turn, pass this on to High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian and the Sril Martlin Brothers in their twice yearly reports.

The Tarvunical Commission
Body of 30 men and women. Duties Unknown

The Tarvunical Undoing
Body of 30 men and women. Duties Unknown.

The Quarterly Amzamiviram Dependence Unit (Q.A.D.U)
Group of priestmunties and Tarvuist officials who meet every three months to debate the Chronicles and works of Amzamiviram. Amzamiviramic Laws may be passed by the QADU, only if approved by High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian and a four-sevenths majority of the Givil.

The Institute for the Defence of Law
There are 4 institutes around the world. Duties unknown.

Tibbi Manti Hutmanahun (also known as 'Fools and Alms')
Entertainment division of the Givil. R&B star Rhianna worked with the Fools and Alms Unit in Sep 2007, and was said to have perfomed at High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian's birthday party in Zurich last year.

The Rota
Tarvuist Judges (or Tebberunties) who meet every sixth year with High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian to discuss Tarvuist law and discipline. Comprise 9 Tebberunties.

The Union of Tarvuist Peoples
Worldwide charitable organisation, devoted to spreading the word of Tarvu through special outreach programmes.

Tarvunical Department for Interfaith Dialogue
Worldwide organisation devoted to working with other religions, to foster good will and understanding.

The Oobu Brotherhood
Consisting of 8 revolving male Tarvuist Priestmunties, who liaise with the Givil on matters of date setting for festivals and questions of Tarvuist philopophy

Not to be confused with:

The Oobuists
Group of Tarvuist mystics, very much on the fringes of Tarvuism, who lobby for Oobu the Holy Octopus to be considered as holy as Tarvu. Despite their fringe status, they still claim a stipend from the Givil. Led by the charismatic Ytranius MdLuntl, a former practitioner of Kabbalah.

Above: To the Oobuists, Oobu, as well as Tarvu, are Lord and Octopus of the Universes.

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