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Phyll 'MdMaster' Lawrence

Above: Lawrence presenting a lecture to Harvard math students, entitled 'Tarvunian Mathematics During the Second Age of Reason', 2003.

Not much is know about Phyll MdMaster Lawrence, apart from the fact that he is believed to be only 12 years old (as at 2008) and a mathematical genius.

Born in Switzerland to Chadian parents, Lawrence (known as 'The MdMaster') controls all of the Tarvuist church's finances, including the personal bank accounts of High Pri*stm*nty Jon-John Torvakian and the The Sril Martlin Brothers.

In 2005, Time Magazine ran an article which claimed that The MdMaster was in fact a group of children (numbering over 2000) who worked in the Givil's finance department. This was never properly substantiated and the Givil successfully sued, donating the money to a Christian orphanage in Bulgaria.

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