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Articulum of Faith

Members of the Articulum of Faith once gathered naked, until many died of exposure.

The Articulum of Faith is central to the Givil and to Tarvuism. It is essentially a 'debating chamber' in which leading former Givilites can discuss particular points of Tarvuist law and scrobuture. It is one of the oldest Tarvuist bodies, originally set up in the 9th century by the Welsh Arch-Pri*stmunty Ffie Thoms.

Back then, the Articulum of Faith was a very strict organisation, which insisted on the most stringent levels of behaviour from its members. All Articulumulites (members of the AoF) were made to debate completely naked outdoors, in order to prove their purity, and to show that they could tolerate harsh conditions.

This tradition was abolished in the early 19th century, after 300 naked Articulumulites perished in Cornwall, England after a terrible blizzard. The incident became known as 'Snowy Snow Snow', and was sung about in many Tarvuist songs from the time.

Phil Collins, former singer and drummer with Genesis, and now Barvuist, famously released an openly anti-Tarvuist song in 1998, called 'I pray for Snow'.

Nowadays the Articulum of Faith meet indoors (although they perform a ceremonial outdoor naked swim before and after the session), with meetings held every six months. Minutes are kept, which are sent back to High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian and the Sril Martlin Brothers for approval.

Interestingly there is no official head of the AoF. Instead, members each take their turn at the helm for 5 minutes at a time during each meeting. For this reason, Articulumulites have become affectionately known as 'The 300's' (i.e the amount of seconds in 5 minutes).

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