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The Union of Tarvuist Peoples

Set up in 1945, in the shadow of the Second World War, the Union of Tarvuist Peoples was originally a charitable group, raising money for Tarvuist orphans.

Nowadays the Union is still a charity but has branched out, putting on fund-rasing events (often with the help of the Tibbi Manti Hutmanahun) to raise money for all manners of Tarvuist - and non Tarvuist causes.

In addition, the Union of Tarvuist Peoples run weekend camps for children (and some for adults) in order to educate and spread the word of Tarvu.

The Union has as its symbol a blue apple, which is said to symbolise healthiness (the apple) and clear thinking (blue skies).

It is for this reason, that specially grown 'blue apples' have become increasingly popular amongst the Tarvuist communities worldwide, and are enjoyed at High Holidays.

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