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Dr. Lahni T.T. Tahnus

Dr Tahnus is Gibbil ty-dyFuntl, or International Head of Tarvuism. Dr Tahnus has never been photographed, and it is in fact unknown as to whether Tahnus is a man or a woman.

It is belived that Tahnus is an agrophobic, who does not like to venture outside his/her offices. Nevertheless Tahnus has been credited for making sure all Tarvuist groups around the world are 'speaking from the same page' as it were.

T.P.K. Henson - arch critic of Tarvuism - once stated that Tahnus did not exist, and that Tahnus was actually the name of High Pri*stm*nty Jon-John Torvakian's pet labrador. Henson later retracted this wild claim, when the Givil threatened legal action.

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