The Quarterly Amzamiviram Dependence Unit

The Quarterly Amzamiviram Dependence Unit (or Q.A.D.U) is devoted entirely to the study of the life and works of the proffet Amzamiviram.

Q.A.D.U comprises Tarvuist scholars and priestmunties who meet quarterly all over the world (usually in Rotterdam) to debate Amzamiviramic law.

The group is led by Mothermunty Pelleb Pelle-Moiti, a Ghanian Tarvuist who was made famous through her discovery of Amzamiviram's silk handkerchief (with which he famously dried his eyes, during Tarvu's second 'execution') in a crypt in the outskirts of Oslo.

The handkerchief was famously stolen from Pelle-Moiti's chabernackle by handkerchief thief Bill Bunn in 1997, but returned after Bunn had a dream in which Barvu appeared before him, congratulating him on his theft. Racked by guilt, Bunn turned himself in to the police, before throwing himself off a building onto a moving train. Miraculously Bunn survived, pretty much unscathed, and rather ironically, is now himself a member of the Quarterly Amzamiviram Dependence Unit.

Since this article went to press, Bill Bunn has been ejected from QADU, following allegations of theft.

Above: Amzamiviram's silk handkerchief, now on display in the Rotterdam National Museum. Note the original tear and mucus marks.

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