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Jeff Hunt

Jeffrey Sebastian Sebastien Sril Srenton Hunt (b 1947) is the personal chauffeur to High Pri*stm*nty Jon-John Torvakian.

Because he works so closely and so regularly with Torvakian, many claim that he actually holds more power than a mere driver. T.P.K. Henson - controversial opponent to Tarvuism has claimed that Hunt is actually the same man as Torvakian - a wild, and completely unfounded claim. In fact the Givil sued Henson in 2001 after he made the claim on a US public radio station, but in the end all charges were dropped

Born in San Francisco, Hunt began his life as a rat catcher, before working for the Californian State vermin control department, specialising in rat lice removal. When he was 30, Hunt left his job, studied psychotherapy, and became a full-time therapist. Soon he was working in some of America's most notorious prisons. In 1987 Hunt was viciously attacked in a New York jail by a gang of 140 men, who cut off his left ear before forcing Hunt to eat it.

This harrowing event marked a turning point for Hunt, who turned to Tarvuism for guidance. Becoming a Priestmunty in 1994, Hunt offered his services as a driver at the 'Great and Holy Coming Together of Tarvuist Faith Tarvunackle Expressors' Conference in New Orleans. As luck would have it, When Torvakian's car would not start, Hunt offered to drive him personally, and from then on, he became the leader's personal chauffeur.

A shy, retiring man, Hunt has never married, and is reputedly a keen perfumier.

Hunt is sometimes referred to as 'Section 101' although it is unclear as to how or why he gained this nickname.

Above: Torvakian's favourite car.

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