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Simone de Larosse

de Larosse is the Tarvuist Head of Regions. Her exact duties, however are not entirely clear, as it has never been fully explained as to how her role differs from that of Dr. Lahni T.T. Tahnus, the Gibbil ty-dFuntl, or International Director of Tarvuism.

Believed to be only 60 cm in height, de Larosse is said to have a terrible temper. In 1998 a former colleague, Richard Dyl-Hunny, claimed that de Larosse threw him down sixteen flights of stairs, before dumping him head first into a burnt-out car, which she then overturned.

de Larosse is married to former basketball superstar, Charles Barkley.

Above: A reconverted doll's house forms the living quarters of Simon de Larosse.

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