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The Sril Martlin Brothers

Above: The official Tarvuist image of the Sril Martlin brothers.

Identical twin brothers, Linton and Linterm Sril Martlin (b 1953) are Vice Heads (or 'Givil mahetma-henny-hen-hutty-hoonah') of the Givil.

Born in Canada and Norway, Linton and Linterm are extremely close to High Pri*stm*nty Jon-John Torvakian. Linterm is slightly closer, as he reports to Torvakian on a thrice daily basis, whilst his brother, Linton, does so only twice daily. In addition, Linterm is said to dine with Torvakian on Tuesdays and Thursdays, whereas Linton does so only on alternate Thursdays (and High Holy Days). However, Linton is reputed to share the same chauffeur as Torvakian (Jeff Hunt, who is also known as 'Section 101'), whilst Linterm is driven by a man known as 'Section 103'. Linterm on the other hand, travels often with Torvakian in his private jet, as Linton is allegedly terrified of flying. In addition, Linterm swims with Torvakian at weekends, whilst Linton swims alone. However Torvakian and Linton are tennis partners, as it is believed that Torvakian vowed never to play tennis with Linterm after Linterm reportedly cheated during a match (hiding a ball). Torvakian is Tarvuic Father to Linterm's triplets, Mintob, Mintan and Hilrastium, but not so with Linton, who does not have any children, despite being married to the same woman, Loretta Haynes, 7 times in 22 years.

Linton and Linterm act as official 'go-betweens' between Jon-John and the Givil, and help the flow of information between the two.

In June 2008 Linton was rushed to hospital after swallowing a box of matches. He made a full recovery.

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