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The Sistema of the Tarvunty

Women play an important part in modern-day Tarvuism. There are female priestmunties and Givilites, as well as women workers in various Tarvuist-run organisations throughout the world.

The Sistema of the Tarvunty is a female only group, who discuss issues of Tarvunic theology. For instance, attitudes towards marriage, children and the female role within the family and the modern world.

There are 300 sistema-manahutty-haynus (members of the Sistema) in total, each of whom can be a member for up to 9 years. Their findings are printed up in an official Givil document, known as 'The Sistemic Paradigm', which is published twice a year on May 1st, and June 2nd.

Above: 19th century Women of the Sistema regard the latest copy of the Sistemic Paradigm.

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