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The Chabbernackle Ordermasters

Sacred symbol of the Chabbernackle Ordermasters, based on a design by Florence Nightingale's brother, Laurence Nightingale.

A body of 40 Gilvilites who look after chabernackles worldwide. They are headed by Lao Menou, who is Chabbernackle Hen-henty (International Head of Chabernackles).

The Chabbernackle Ordermasters have a distinctive uniform, comprising yellow trousers, white boots, red shirts, and a brass hat which contains 8 feathers, each one dyed gold. In addition, during chabernackle services, Ordermasters are not allowed to face the front, and must face the back of the temple.

It is unclear as to the origin of this tradition, but it is believed to stem from one of the original Ordermasters (Sir John Willoughbilloughby 1760-1870), who was supposedly so ugly, that the Priestmunties of his congregation would regularly be physically sick when they saw him.

It is perhaps for these reasons, that having a 'Willoughbilloughby face' is common slang for someone who is unattractive.

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