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The Oobuists

The Oobuists are devout followers of Oobu the Octopus, who claim that Oobu and Tarvu are in fact the same being. They have lobbied for many years for Oobu to be considered as holy as Tarvu.

The group is led by Ytranius MdLuntl, a Latvian Tarvuist, and former member of the Givil.

Despite the Oobuists being an official part of the Tarvuist Church, and a chapter of the Givil, there are regular calls from Tarvuist leaders to have the Oobuists removed from Tarvuism, for trying to 'dilute' the faith.

In 1999 MdLuntl was attacked with a claw hammer by schitzophrenic Jack Vil-Vil in Oslo, leaving MdLuntl blind in one eye, and with no lower lip. Vil-Vil never explained his actions, but was found to have over 1000 dead octopuses in his car.

Above, an early Oobuist lady wears a ceremonial octopus upon her head as a mark of Tarvunian respect.

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