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Ibulanty- literally meaning 'three cornered hat' - was a giant ice pyramid, created by Tarvu, as a gift to Oobu the octopus for saving him from his execution. Ibulanty - measuring 999 metres in height - was an incredible feat of ice engineering. Inside was a labyrinth of lakes for Oobu and his family to swim in, as well as a nursery for future baby octopuses. In addition, there was a rather clever security fence at the front of the house (made from a line of jelly fish) to ward off predators, as well as jealous octopuses who wanted to get inside the compund.

Since the 19th century there have been many attempts to locate the site of Ibulanty. The explorer Robert Hutt (1896-1945) led a famous expedition to the North Pole in 1926, in which he claimed to have discovered the foundations of the pyramid. He also claimed to have found seveal pieces of jewellery, made from onyx and saphire, which Hutt said had been worn by Tarvu. However Hutt was later exposed as a fraud, and kicked out of the Royal Geographical Society, when it was determined that the jewellery had actually belonged to Hutt's wife.

Although no one knows the exact site of Ibulanty, this has not stopped Tarvuists from remaining fascinated in the story. Today, there is a thriving business in guided tours to the North Pole, with tens of thousands of Tarvuists taking cruises holidays each year. The biggest tour operator is undoubtedly 'Amzamiviram Holidays Ltd'.

Some Tarvuists, however, such as the members of the Scottish Rationalist Tarvuist Assembly, believe Ibulanty to be a legend, with no basis in reality. In 2004, seven members of the SRTA were arrested for causing $20,000 worth of damage to a cruise ship belonging to Amzamivriam Holidays, and for kidnaping the captain of the ship, Martin Llewellyb, who was partially castrated.

The Ibulanty?

Is this what Ibulanty may have looked like?

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