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Perhaps the holiest site in Tarvuism. The great Chabernackle, the Tarvumacklementy was built in Tarvunia very soon after Tarvu's Unveiling in Mun-Mun.

The building was said to have been the “most beautiful construction there has ever, is ever and will ever have had been” ('Alvinni's Beautiful Memoirs'). It could seat over 3000 worshippers, and had a giant feasting room, as well as an early form of a toilet (a box filled with straw and worms). Tarvu delivered his speeches from the front of the great chabernackle, but also liked to move around his people, stroking their hair, kissing their noses, and engaging in other Tarvuist greetings.

Sadly, the Chabernackle was destroyed by a flood and a fire on the same day. Nothing remains, and no one is quite sure where the great temple actually stood. Controversial ex Tarvuist, T.P.K. Henson claimed that the building was actually the site of an enormous brothel, a claim that landed him in hospital after he was physically attacked by Florian Jutburg, (a Belgian Tarvuist and professional dog trainer) and his six alsatians. Henson needed 144 stitches in his back, bottom and groin.

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