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A traditional game, similar in some respects to Backgammon and Monopoly. It is played using a board carved out of rock and one counter. Despite its rudimentary appearance, the rules are extremely complicated, requiring the player to make sixteen or eighteen moves per 'turn', all of which must be memorised, and which in turn can be reversed in 'mirror-image' by the opposing player if he has the best 'Patti-Patti' (roughly translated as 'flair').

Patti-Patti was a common game in the casinos and betting parlours of ancient Tarvunia due to the potential of a single game netting a huge fortune in winnings if the player had sufficient skill and 'Patti-Patti'.

A game of Patti-Patti can last anywhere between a few hours and hundreds of years, played continuously by generations of ancestors.

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