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Full name Yarvini k'Limnorada mel-Hunti Hujmun, Yarvin was a manure collector who defied Tarvu at the time of his great unveiling as the Lord. Yarvin mocked Tarvu, calling him “a drunk” and an “a**hole”. Yarvin became known as Yarvin the Ignorer, and his band of followers, 'the Unsee-ers'.

This is one of the reasons why the congregation cover their eyes when the Bellmunty walks through the chabernackle to sound his bells. Just as Yarvin turned away and “was blind to the magnificence of the One” ('Amzamiviram's Bucket,' Gordon and Mary Buckett, Ledbury Row Press, 1956), Tarvuists turn away, not just in reverence to the greatness of the Bellmunty's message, but also to show that they have free will to do good - unlike the Unsee-ers.

Yarvin did not live much longer after the unveiling. In fact he died the next day, after accidentally setting himself alight, ironically enough at his own birthday party. Yarvin's fellow Unsee-ers met a similar fate in the end, with all 40 of them being burnt to death over the years, in seperate incidents.

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