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Epic poem about the life of Tarvu and the future of Tarvuism written in the 12th century by the dragon scholar Ribbins. Its first chapters consist of episodes from Tarvu's life and later, tales of his acolytes and proffets.

More intriguingly, its later sections deal with predictions of future world events (which some scholars use as evidence that Ribbins was mentally dictated to by Tarvu), some of which have already come to pass (although many argue that the predictions are so vague that they can be interpreted in many different ways).

Here is a sample quatrain, thought to refer to events in the 1960s:

The Greate Kyng of Three Letters by missile slaine, (a reference to John F. Kennedy?)
And to the Ball of Cheyse men will go by Sky-Plaine, (the moon landings?)
A Magyk Pebble that lettes Ladeys mayke Pashion without Babelings, (the contraceptive Pill, introduced in the 60s?)
And Erbu shall frolick to the Musick of the four Beat-lings. (a reference to one of the many popular 'Merseybeat' bands of the 1960s?)

Copy of the Horrormorron

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