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Uckob was the layabout brother of the proffet Amzamiviram. A drunkard and gambler, Uckob stole The Prophecies of Tarvu and was punished by Tarvu by having his tongue turned into a poisonous snake which bit him to - what was believed at the time - death. Actually, at the time, people believed he had died. This is because Uckob vanished for several years, but he actually only lost his leg from the bite. He was to return several years later, disrupting an important mayoral meeting (that Tarvu was holding) in Baalb, and to drunkenly claim that Tarvu was a mitch. (A term meaning 'male witch'). This accusation was to land Tarvu in prison, and have him sentenced to death.

It is traditional, in religious ceremonies, to boo and hiss when Uckob's name is mentioned.

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