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Alvinni the Martyr

Alvinni The Martyr was one of the leading followers of Tarvu and disseminators of Tarvuism. Indeed it is said that he was one of the greatest spreaders of the Tarvuist word - travelling as far afield as Ireland and Japan.

It is unknown as to what Alvinni did as a profession - some say he was an early physicist, who preceded Einstein's work by nearly 3000 years. Others say he was just a simpleton, who used to collect buckets of water and drink them for bets. Whatever the truth may be, he was a very good man, and has become known affectionately as 'Benevolent Alvi'.

Alvinni became firm friends with Amzamiviram, and the two of them became well-known for their feasts, which they would lay every year to mark the Unveiling of Tarvu. In fact there is even a dish named after the two of them - 'Amzamalvinni pie' - a delicioius meat pastry made with rabbit and duck, raisins and vanilla, which is normally eaten on Tarvu's day, or any happy Tarvuist occasion.

Amzamalvinni Pie

Rabbit, duck, raisins and lots of vanilla! Delicious Amzamalvinni pie.

Alvinni witnessed Tarvu's Unveiling in Mun-Mun and wrote a detailed account in his famous and bestselling 'Alvinni's Beautiful Memoirs'. The book has been translated into 140 langauges and has sold over 60 million copies worldwide. There is even a film of the book ('Ich bin Alvinni' - I am Alvinni), made by German director Klaus Heinrich in 1982. However many critics said that the film did not keep true to Alvinni's word, and some of the stronger sex scenes upset many leading Tarvuists, in particular the Givil. The film was withdrawn from circulation in America in 1984 but has recently resurfaced on the internet.

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