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Was this what Barvu looked like? Probably not, but this image of Barvu was used to sell cigarettes, known as 'Barvaccos' in Mexico at the turn of the 20th century.

Also known as Barvil, Bunbun, Barhutty, Uvrat, The Undecider, Brumhubst, Decode 9, Sserill, Earl B, The Decalibrator, Unvilh, Umvilh, Invitrion, Hul-Jiv-Mon-Mon-Barvaqqian, The Risible Decrimination Unifier, the Twenty Third, Nuxx-Noxx-Fiddy-Fantaastum, Sutton Bill.

Tarvu's evil alter ego that emerged when Tarvu turned 23. Sick of fickle people, and their greed, Tarvu turned his back on all that was good and became Barvu, (lit. trans. 'Lord of all that is slanted')

For one year Barvu wreaked havoc accross much of the region, causing floods, volcanoes to erupt, birds to drop from the sky and gold prices to plummet.

His motto was the exact opposite of his motto as Tarvu. It was 'Numfitty noonah' or 'Don't be nice'.

From Barvu emerged a new cult (some modern day adherents term it a religion) named Barvuism. Barvuism espoused pretty much all that is bad in the world, such as a lack of personal hygiene, extra marital affairs, noise pollution, lewd dancing, gambling and over-eating.

Unfortunately Barvuism has survived to this day, and from the late 1960s on, became something quite 'fashionable'. The pop group, The Rolling Stones flirted with Barvuism for a while, whereas the singer and drummer, Phil Collins is a well-known and active Barvuist to this day.

The Barvuist 'holy' book is called the Barvunty.

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