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Also known as Temiminimenty. Tementy was a disciple of Tarvu, who lived in Baalb (later renamed Tarvunia). Tementy worked as a bridge-builder, although he was involved in a scandal regarding a collapsing bridge which resulted in the death of 4 oxen. Faced with the death penalty (drowning in blood), Tementy turned to Tarvu for help, as Tarvu was adept in settling matters of law and legal disputes. Tarvu argued that the weight of the bridge was 4444 times that of the 4 oxen, and that there was just one bridge. He then added all the digits together (4444 + 4 + 1) to produce 21. As Tementy was 28 years old at the time, Tarvu added this number to 21 to produce 49. By multiplying 4 x 9 to produce 36 he added the 3 and the 6 to produce 9. Tarvu cleverly pointed out that there were exactly 5 eye-witnesses to the collapse of the bridge, and that each of them had 2 eyes, (i.e total of 10), however one of the witnesses was actually a cyclops (a musician named Sil-Tartin). Therefore there were just 9 eyes in total. With the bridge collapsing on the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month, Tarvu said “Time is time and eyes never lie.” and with that, he won the case, and Tementy was freed. The story of Tementy and the broken bridge is the reason why many Tarvuists do not use bridges.

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