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Proffets of Tarvuism

There are several Tarvuist proffets (prophets), namely:

Amzamiviram - Tarvu's best friend, and scribe of the Tarvunty. He is much revered, and the Bellmunty in every chabernackle is dedicated to his memory.

Binni - Tarvu's beautiful wife. Not much is known of her. However she is meant to have been the most beautiful woman that ever lived and shall ever live. According to Alvinni the Martyr “her natural perfume was ravishing” (Alvinni's Beautiful Memoirs). As a woman, she is sometimes referred to as a 'Proffetini' (prophetess).

Oobu - Sometimes called a Proffet, although certain chabernackles, merely refer to him as the Holy Octopus.

'Headless Handini' - Ancient proffet, who was gifted in magic. It was claimed that he could make anything disappear, including the entire universe.

Unt-macklefenty - Was said to have given Tarvu bread and water, when he was lost in the desert whilst out on a hiking trip. According to scripture, Unt-macklefenty actually gave up his last food and drink, and perished hours later. When Tarvu heard this, he promised Unt-macklementy's wife, Int-mickleminity, that he would look after her and her 9 children. This he did, sending her a basket of food each month for the rest of her life. Because of Unt-macklementy's selfless act, he became one of the chief Tarvuist proffets.

Above: Unt-macklefenty.

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