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The Book of P*r'doxes

This article is part of a series of entries on books of the Tarvunty. Please consider expanding it by adding your own interpretation of P*r'doxes

The Book of P*r'doxes is a collection of fables commonly told by Tarvu to the various enemies he encounters throughout the Tarvunty in efforts to confuse them and, in a number of instances, secure gold from them (notably that time when Tarvu counted to a thousand in front of a crowd). The book is incomplete which is itself a paradox, something that Tarvu may have conceived as a way to test the faith of Tarvunians.

Known Paradoxes

Even though the Book of P*r'doxes is incomplete (?) scholars have comprised a list of paradoxes which come up throughout scripture.

Current Condition of the Book

It's suspected that originally there were over 5,000 paradoxes included in the Book of P*r'doxes. However after the Burning of Atlantis, the vast undersea library of Atlantis, that the citizens had built as a monument to knowledge, was turned to ash. The Book of P*r'doxes was recovered from the underwater ashfields of former Atlantis (also known as the Sea of Qatar) with only a fraction of the original writings intact. It now resides in the Musée du Louvre just on the right after you enter through the main doors.

The name of this Paradox is actually a misnomer. Tarvu asked this to Zeno so it should be correctly be called Tarvu's Paradox. But who's keeping track, really?

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