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Amzamalvinni Pie

Tarvuist meat pie, named after Amzamiviram and Alvinni the Martyr. These two great figures of Tarvuism were great friends and great cooks, and together they invented the dish.

The pie is chiefly made from rabbit, duck, raisins and vanilla, all in a pastry casing. However, the ingredients do change slightly depending on which type of Tarvuist the chef is!

In Portugal, it is traditional to make the pie filling with pigeon, sultanas, cheese and vanilla, whereas in New Zealand, Amzamalvinni pie (known as 'Chunky Joe') is usually made with fish, raisins and vanilla.

When Death Row prisoner, Joe 'Decision Time' Horgan, was about to be executed in Texas, 1962 for a murder of a speed figure skater, his last meal was reported to have been 2 Amzamalvinni pies, 2 coca colas and 2 cloves of garlic.

In 1989, some 27 years after his execution, an inquest found Horgan innocent of the crime (but guilty of another crime, that of strangling 100 foxes).

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