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Welcome to the Tarvupedia, the “online” encyclopedia all about our Lord Tarvu, Tarvuism, and who's who in the religion.

We do hope you enjoy reading it, and hope you tell all your friends, family and colleagues all about the Tarvupedia.

Don't forget: The Tarvupedia will be regularly updated, so do remember to come and visit every day!

Praise Tarvu!

Getting Started with the Tarvupedia

You might want to start your journey at the contents page, or perhaps by reading a little about the life of our Lord Tarvu, or the holy octopus Oobu, or perhaps you might like to learn how to play the Tarvunian sport of ox-boxing, or how to make a delicious Amzamalvinni pie or a traditional Tarvunian manfi cake. It's your decision!

Simply click on the green links, or type a phrase in the search box top right.

“Let the wisdom of Tarvu wash over you.” The Tarvunty, Inc*d*nts Cp1v-ii)

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