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The Liar's Paradox

A typical liar

Statement of the Paradox

This paradox is so simple that even a baby can't understand it. The set up is not complex and requires little formal training in logic:

  • This statement is false.

Appearance in the Book of P*r'doxes

Note that Tarvu himself knew the answer to this paradox yet he used it in the Book of P*r'doxes to escape the clutches of Barvu when Universe A and B were ripped asunder as described in the Book of B*g*nn'ngs. Tarvu, knowing that the statement itself holds no actual statement of truth or falsity, knew that the question is meaningless. Barvu on the otherhand, being the opposite of all that was Tarvu, felt that there must be intrinsic meaning to the statement and evolved an unhealthy obsession with the paradox. While Barvu was preoccupied with his new fixation, Tarvu used his powers to free himself from Barvu's soul-lair. This ended the one year reign of power that Barvu enjoyed and banished the alter-ego to the depths of Universe A. Tarvu was left in a weakened egg state and would eventually come to Earth many years later in Universe B.

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