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Jildum jinny

Early 19th century Turkish Tarvuists re-enact Tarvu's famous dance.

Tarvu's famous dance perfomed in the valley of Mun-Mun on his 21st birthday. Tarvu created 100 replicas of himself and danced for all the people gathered. It was said that this was the most amazing dance routine ever created and it lasted for exactly 100 minutes. Some of the moves have been adopted by the Tarvuist faith, and are seen during certain festivities, including of course, Tarvu's Day, held on December 25th (marking Tarvu's revelation in the valley).

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers were said to have been heavily influenced by some of Tarvu's moves, but perhaps more famous in Michael Jackson, whose video for teh song 'Thriller' featured over 20 known Tarvuist steps, including the 'Moonwalk.'

Some Tarvuist thinkers, most notably the Scottish Rationalist Tarvuist Assembly, claim that this dance was not performed by a series of Tarvu doubles, and that it was probably merely Tarvu moving about in a dramatic fashion. However arch-revisionist, T.P.K. Henson argues that Tarvu was merely drunk at the time.

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