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Iain Bakersfield

Scottish theologian and scholar. Iain Bakersfield (1890-1990), became famous as the creator of the 'Bakersfield Conundrum'.

Bakersfield, whilst once greatly respected among Tarvuists, saw his reputation diminished somewhat towards the end of his life, due to some rather outlandish and mystical claims that he made.

For example, Bakersfield not only suggested that he spoke directly to Tarvu, but controversially that Tarvu had commanded him to make love to 600 women on his 99th birthday (a feat that was, thankfully, never achieved).

This latter claim was made publicly by Bakersfiled, who offered 'documentary proof' (see below), in the form of a hand-written note, that he claimed to have written whilst in a trance-like state, under the direct influence of Tarvu. The note - written on a scrap of paper - was published in over 120 newspapers world-wide, and caused a sensation amongst the Tarvuist community.

Below: Ramblings of a Mad-Man? The infamous 'Sex-Note from Tarvu'

The Sex Note from Tarvu

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