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Helr-Timlosium-MdFitty Taylu

Much feared one-armed local leader of Baalb, who gained his reputation as a fearsome soldier for hire. Helr-Timlosium-MdFitty Taylu (often referred to as simply “MdFitty”) entered local politics after slaying the then local leader, Ti. MdFitty had a large private army, made up of ex prisoners and murderers. He sent a gang of them to intimidate Tarvu, but Tarvu won their hearts and the men turned on MdFitty. MdFitty fled Baalb, and was killed a year later after he slipped off a mountain and landed on a spike.

Bizarrely, the word 'MdFitty' is used in the English language to mean 'stop' or 'halt', even though the literal Tarvunian translation of MdFitty is 'solemn promise'. The word also appears in America on road traffic signs (except in the states of Ohio and Illinois), to mean 'Do Not Walk.'

No one has come up with a definitive reason as to why the word 'MdFitty' should have come to mean 'stop,' but nonetheless the word has been in common usage since around the mid 1600s.

MdFitty is also the name of an English Underground ('tube') station in North London.

MdFitty Tube, North London

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