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Bilmtaasium was a good friend of Amzamiviram, having trained under the great proffet as a bell-designer. A tall man (he was over 7 feet tall), Bilmtaasium walked with a stoop, and was said to have been born with a short tail.

Bilmtaasium gained the confidence of Tarvu, and became his chief bag carrier. He also helped locate wells, for when Tarvu was thirsty, and went hunting for Tarvu, bringing back much meat for meal times and feastlings.

Later in his life, Bilmtaasium provided the two men with parchment on which they wrote the Tarvunty.

For this reason, Tarvu gave Bilmtaasium the nickname 'Pelbmenty Hulf-hulf' (trans. Parchment provider).

Bilmtaasium is often referred to as 'the Tall One who Stooped'.

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