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Accepters, The

The Accepters is the name given to two very poor beggars, called Pok and Ranchitty (the latter also sometimes called 'Ramchiffy', 'Ralnchitus', 'Rarmarama', and 'Kelbpenty').

Pok and Ranchitty worked the markets of Mun-Mun, and when Tarvu was presented the gift of two gold necklaces by the Mayor of Mun-Mun, he took pity on Pok and Ranchitty and - when the Mayor was looking away - he gave the jewellery to them.

Because they accepted the gifts (with much kissing of Tarvu's feet, lips and nose), Pok and Ranchitty have become known - in Tarvuist legend - as 'The Accepters'.

Pok and Ranchitty resurfaced later in Tarvu's life, when they alerted him to a potentially life-threatening sexual/arson attack, which was just about to be carried out by one of Uckob's associates, known as 'Flowering Bill' ('Floriaartu-Billb')

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