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Samson Hibbert (1760-1851) was a leading British Tarvuist scholar and writer. Hibbert was brought up in Nottingham, England, the son of a brass tap maker, before moving to Cardiff in Wales, where he really made his name.

Hibbert spread the word of Tarvuism through fiery speeches (he would literally set fire to his clothes and get undressed quickly before being burnt to show his faith). Hibbert also used to wear a rose in each of his pinholes, one on each lapel, and became known locally as 'Pinhole Hibbert'.

Hibbert wrote 13 books in his lifetime, his most famous being the 'Tim-miminny' series for children, about a little boy and his friendship with a religious talking bar of soap. He also produced a slim volume about framboise (raspberry liquer). Hibbert died at the ripe old age of 91, after mistakenly drinking a pint of bleach.

Books by Hibbert:

  • Hibbert's Law: A Discourse on Hibbertonian Tarvuist Concepts, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1798
  • Hibbert's Law: A Further Discourse on Hibbertonian Tarvuist Concepts, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1801
  • Hibbert's Law: Beyond the Valleys, Beyond Tarvu, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1807
  • Tim-miminny, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1808
  • Tim-miminny 2, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1809
  • Tim-miminny 3, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1811
  • Tim-miminny 4, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1812
  • Tim-miminny 5, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1813
  • Tim-miminny 6, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1814
  • Tim-miminny 7, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1816
  • Framboise, A Guide to the Making of Raspberry Liquer, Thomson & Liege, Swindon, 1842
  • I am the Pinhole. Pinhole am I! Rejoice! McTaffety Publishers, London, 1848
  • Tim-miminny 8: The Sad and Complicated Death of Tim-miminny, Parson's Press, Cardiff, 1850

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