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Follower of Tarvu. Min-Min was a dentist and orthodontist who cured Tarvu of a terrible and very painful gum infection. As Tarvu had no money to pay Min-Min, he donated one of his teeth. The tooth ('The Tooth of Tarvu') was put on display in the British Museum, but mysteriously disppeared in 1960.It is thought that it is currently owned by the Sultan of Oman. However, the Sultan has always vigorously denied this.

In 1999, toothpaste manufacturers Procter&Gamble angered the Givil when they released a special edition pack of Crest toothpaste bearing the likeness of Min-Min and some supposedly ancient Tarvunian text. However, the graphic designers had used the old Tarvunian characters for their aesthetic value and did not take into account their meaning. The renowned Tarvunian scholar Peter Forsyth-Henderson translated the passage from his hospital bed (he had undergone some major cosmetic surgery), and revealed that it said: “Taste not this bitter pus”. The toothpaste was swiftly withdrawn from the market but returned in 2001 with another promotional special edition pack: this time for children's movie Shrek.

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