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 +====== Horrormorron ======
 +Epic poem about the life of [[Tarvu]] and the future of [[Tarvuism]] written in the 12th century by the dragon scholar [[Ribbins]]. Its first chapters consist of episodes from [[Tarvu]]'s life and later, tales of his acolytes and proffets.
 +More intriguingly, its later sections deal with predictions of future world events (which some scholars use as evidence that [[Ribbins]] was mentally dictated to by [[Tarvu]]), some of which have already come to pass (although many argue that the predictions are so vague that they can be interpreted in many different ways).
 +Here is a sample quatrain, thought to refer to events in the 1960s:
 +**//The Greate Kyng of Three Letters by missile slaine,//** (a reference to John F. Kennedy?)\\
 +**//And to the Ball of Cheyse men will go by Sky-Plaine,//** (the moon landings?)\\
 +**//A Magyk Pebble that lettes Ladeys mayke Pashion without Babelings,//** (the contraceptive Pill, introduced in the 60s?)\\
 +**//And [[Erbu]] shall frolick to the Musick of the four Beat-lings.//** (a reference to one of the many popular 'Merseybeat' bands of the 1960s?)
 +{{:horrormorron.jpeg|Copy of the Horrormorron}}
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