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Bellih in later life, separating the milk from a flask of tea with his mind.

Son of Tellih, a baker, who wanted his son to take over the family bakery. However Bellih did not have his father's natural gift for bread, and under Bellih's management the bakery closed a number of times due to the customers contracting food poisoning from the poorly-prepared bread and manfi cakes, and in most cases giving the customers severe diarrohea. After Bellih pulled his father's decapitated head from a well, using hitherto undiscovered telekinetic powers, he lost all interest in the bakery and became a follower of Tarvu.

Bellih was not sure how to use his powers when he first met Tarvu. Contemporary accounts state that Bellih often used his telekinesis for nefarious purposes, such as transporting himself to the front of a queue, or committing burglary, or excessive masturbation. But with Tarvu's guidance he came to understand that his ability was a divine gift that ought not to be squandered.

Bellih is usually depicted hovering, and often masturbating.

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