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 +====== The Oobuists ======
 +The Oobuists are devout followers of [[Oobu]] the Octopus, who claim that [[Oobu]] and [[Tarvu]] are in fact the same being. They have lobbied for many years for [[Oobu]] to be considered as holy as [[Tarvu]].
 +The group is led by Ytranius MdLuntl, a Latvian Tarvuist, and former member of the [[Givil]].
 +Despite the Oobuists being an official part of the [[Tarvuist]] Church, and a chapter of the [[Givil]], there are regular calls from [[Tarvuist]] leaders to have the Oobuists removed from [[Tarvuism]], for trying to 'dilute' the faith.
 +In 1999 MdLuntl was attacked with a claw hammer by schitzophrenic Jack Vil-Vil in Oslo, leaving MdLuntl blind in one eye, and with no lower lip. Vil-Vil never explained his actions, but was found to have over 1000 dead octopuses in his car.
 +//Above, an early Oobuist lady wears a ceremonial octopus upon her head as a mark of Tarvunian respect.

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