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George 'Mastermind' Mastermine

Tarvunian scholar, author of many books and winner of over 80 television quiz shows around the world, including:

  • 5-4-3-2-1-Answer-Now!
  • Blind Definition
  • Beat the Crow
  • The Haunted House Quiz
  • Pig Hunt
  • The Dieting Game
  • Get On With It
  • Shhh! - The Quiet Quiz
  • Spit It Out
  • Gus's Guillotine
  • Come On!
  • Prince Phillip's Royal Quiz of Quizzes
  • Oh, Sh*t! I've Forgotten..!
  • Wilbunty-Ball
  • Family Calculus
  • The Sanderson Report
  • The Prince And The Witch
  • Your Money Or Our Lives
  • Watercan Billy
  • Futility Infinity
  • Shhhhh! - The Silent Quiz
  • Where Did He Go?
  • David Hunter's Next Of Kin
  • Where Did She Go?
  • Where Did They Go?
  • Where Did We Go?
  • Murder in Court
  • Simpleton's Pie
  • Calculating Calculus with Cathy, Bill, Michael and Dr. C. Porter
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